Chantelle Kincy

Chantelle Kincy founded and created Flannels or FlipFlops. In this unique space, she combines her expertise as a writer and travel advisor to inspire wanderlust and offer practical travel insights. With countless hours of education in the travel niche, specialty certificates in cruise travel, and a passion for exploring the grandeur of National Parks, Chantelle brings a wealth of experience to her readers. Chantelle has personal travel experience as a single parent, traveling solo,traveling with a spouse, and hosting women-only travel events. She believes that through travel, people can gain independence and confidence and build lifelong memories that enhance their journey through life. She loves to use her knowledge and perspective to guide fellow travelers in creating unforgettable journeys and lifelong memories. Chantelle’s work can be found on Wealth of Geeks, MSN, Apple News, and the Associated Press.

  • Job Title: Journalist
  • Competency: travel
  • Languages: English
  • Credentials: Certified Travel Advisor
  • Member of: CLIA
  • Employer: Flannels or FlipFlops