Slappy Toad is dedicated to bringing her readers a steady supply of pertinent and quality content and information about travel.

Brand Products

Have a product you want me to write about? You must contact me firstDo not send unsolicited items. I must try your product in order to consider if it is appropriate for my audience. I will not write about your product if I have not tried it first myself.

Promotional Guest Posts, Articles, Or Link Exchanges

I do not accept:

  • Promotional guest posts or articles.
  • Random link exchanges.
  • “Guest posts” about your products.

Brand Reviews

I cannot write about your hotel, event, or location without first visiting it myself. I am available for press tours on a case-by-case basis and will likely bring my photographer with me. Should you wish to offer me a place on your press tour, there must be accommodations made for the photographer as well.


Should you wish to place an ad on this website, please reach out here.


Should you wish to become a regular contributor to this website and have quality content to offer that isn’t just about pitching yourself and your product, feel free to reach out. I’m always happy to consider quality content that will actually benefit my readers. This type of guest post is very different from the one mentioned above.